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Getting ready for fly fishing season.

Winter is time when we can prepare flies for next season. Today we present trout streamers. About 7 cm long – many variations, for different conditions. When we’re fishing in muddy water we use more aggressive colours, but when water is nice and clear, more natural colours are preferred.

Fly tying materials which I use to tie those flies:

Hooks: Dohiku / Hends / Partridge / Knapek / Ahrex size #6

Zonker body: Spectra dubbing in different colours.

Wing: Rabbit fur

Head: Cone head / brass beads 4mm.

Ribbing: Sliver wire / 0.36 mm monofilament

Depends of speed, temperature, colour of water you can fish wiht them in many different ways. The best effects are when we fish them quite deep using sinking lines. For that kind of fishing I prefer Vision Bottom Express – line which sinks like a rock even in strong current. This line sinks about 6-7 inches per second. I don’t remember many situations, when I had problems with hitting the bottom with it.