Freshwater fish from the salmon family. In Poland, it reaches a maximum of approx. 80 cm in length, the coloration may vary depending on the location and conditions of each river. The streamlined body structure is an important element in facilitating life in fast flowing river. A characteristic feature of the species are black and red dots on the back. This predatory fish feeds on both insects and other fish. The season for brown trout in the rivers of the southern Poland is 1st Febuary – 31st August.

Brown trout in Poland can reach dimensions of up to 80 cm in length. The most common method of catching this fish is a short nymph setup. (You may know this as “Czech Nymphing”, however, the Polish invented the method, the Czechs made it famous during a competition.)

Rods required have the following specifications 10’0 – 11’0 # 3 – # 5 weight is a very popular option. However, nowadays fishing rods 12’0 and # 4 – # 5 weight are more often used. Monofilament ranging 0.16 – 0.18 mm are used.

Another method used to catch trout is with a streamer (lure). Streamer fishing requires stronger rods with a fast action, the most common configuration is a 9’0 – 10’0 # 6 – # 7 weight. Fish attack very aggressively and therefore thicker monofilaments, usually 0.20 – 0.26 mm should be used.

Our third method which has great potential is the Wet fly; casting your fly at a 45 degree angle down river and gently raising your rod tip can sometimes entice a big and really picky fish. Fast action rods in weight # 5 – # 6 are a good choice.

The last, but very spectacular method is the ‘dry fly’. The moment when a fish takes the fly from the surface of the water is something you will never forget.
For this method, rods are generally softer with greater sensitivity to present the fly naturally, rods of # 3 – # 4 weight are ideal and thin leaders should be used.

Besides the above mentioned equipment, remember a few crucial regulations enforced by the local bailiffs. Forceps are required for unhooking fish even though ONLY barbless hooks are allowed, and in some rivers, only knotless mesh landing nets can be used.