The Białka Tatrzańska River is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rivers in southern Poland. It starts at the mouth of Rybi Potok and Biała Woda. These two rivers merge at an altitude of 1075 m above sea level in the Tatra mountains, constituting a real treat for mountain view fans. The Białka is quite a fast river, especially in its initial part. As the terrain drops, it becomes slightly more gentle and slows down a bit. However, it should be remembered that it is a river that sets its own route, hence it’s charm and uniqueness. Nature has created the natural landscape, not man. If you want to find the most interesting places on the Białka Tatrzańska, you can use the services of a fishing guide, who will help you find the most appealing spots. Białka Tatrzańska is a river of a typical mountain nature, and can often surprise us with its rapid flow and beautiful views.

The Biały Dunajec River is an incredibly beautiful mountain watercourse. It rises in Lackowa slopes, at an altitude of about 750m. It has an undoubted charm which attracts anglers from all over the country and the rest of the world. It starts in Poronin, a small town near Zakopane. In the upstream, ending nearby the town of Szaflary, the river bears traits of a typical mountain character. In this area, there are numerous waterfalls, then it slows down slightly in the further section to connect with the Czarny Dunajec River in Nowy Targ. In its furthest part, it becomes much wider. Here, you can catch record-breaking specimens of brown trout, less often grayling. Because of the abundance of nature, the Biały Dunajec is a remarkably intriguing river. Moreover, it can often surprise its visitors with the richness of fish species. Here you can find brown trout, grayling, etc. Taking this into account, the main method of fishing there is the short nymph, which requires excellent water reading skills and proper fly selection. Near the middle of its course, the river has been partially regulated, which makes it flow slower there and create deep shoals. These spots are especially recommended by anglers. Every year, immense specimens of grayling and trout are found there.

The Czarny Dunajec is the name of the next river, with the source in the town of Witów, from the connection of the Siwa Woda and Kirowa Woda streams. It stretches on the distance of 48 kilometres, up to Nowy Targ, where it connects with the Biały Dunajec River. The Czarny Dunajec meanders between the valleys in the Podhale region, thanks to which the meadows located there gain undoubted beauty. However, the depth of the river is heterogeneous. There are both shallows and vast pools up to three meters deep. The width varies from 3m to 15m. The shallow spots are undoubtedly suitable for fly fishing, which is allowed along the entire length of the Czarny Dunajec. The only exception is the buffer zone of the Tatra National Park (below the mouth of the Iwański Stream). Mainly brown trout and grayling can be observed there. In its initial part, the Czarny Dunajec is a typical mountain watercourse, with numerous bars and a strong currents, in its furthest part. However, its character is typical of a lowland river, the flow slows down, the tributaries and bends start to appear. Such areas are just perfect for fly fishing.

The Dunajec River Special Fishery Site was created especially for fly anglers. It is one of the best ‘no-kill‘ (catch & release) fisheries in Poland and throughout Europe. The only allowed method of fishing there is with an artificial BARBLESS fly. Fly fishing is very popular in the vicinity of the Dunajec River. For obvious reasons, the largest number of anglers visit this specific section of the fishery. However, it is worth bearing in mind that many spots on the Dunajec River, stretching across Slovakia and Poland, can be used for fly fishing. At any time of the year, the Dunajec Special Fishery Site attracts considerable numbers of fly anglers. This developed fishery, comprises a section of the Dunajec River from the mouth of the Krośniczanka stream in the town of Krościenko, to the mouth of the Ochotnica stream in Tylmanowa. It extends over a length of about 11 km. Every fly angler will find something to their taste, both those preferring the dry fly method, as well as those fishing for Danube salmon with streamers. A significant population of brown trout makes this section for fly-fisherman both from Poland and beyond. Only barbless hooks are allowed on the whole 11km stretch, and the ban on taking away caught fish made the probability of catching trout there more than 50 times higher than in other parts of the river. The direct access to the fishery is also a great convenience- actually, any part of it can be reached by car.

Fish present in the DUNAJEC River Special Fishery: Brown trout, Danube salmon, grayling, chub, barbel, common nase.