Fly fishing in Poland is fantastic starting around springtime. With the first rays of the spring sun you can see natures amazing awakening from winter.
Avid anglers will be particularly interested in the natural surroundings of the river banks. During the morning and evening time you can observe the fish activity and decide on which method to use.

When the temperature of the water surface will be between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius, anglers start fishing. The temperature change usually occurs at the beginning of April. It is the perfect time to setup your fishing rods for the new season.

Fish, in the spring usually feed in shallower places because the water heats up faster, and this allows the fish to feed faster and more effectively. Fish are also active in bays. The bigger specimens you tend to catch in the morning or evening.

At the beginning of April, the water is still cold, and the fish rarely come out to feed. However, when it gets warmer, you can come across swarms of caddis. In May, streamers are recommended for morning fishing, while nymphs are recommended during the day and evening.


The summer is undoubtedly a beautiful time for trout fishing and when most anglers decide to go for their “Fly fishing” trips. Such a trip can turn into a real adventure with ‘Fly Fishing in Poland’. When the summer arrives, fly anglers are going for the hatches with a dry fly, undoubtedly the most exciting way to catch a trout. With the arrival of June, the rivers fill up with swarms of caddis, and because of the increasingly warmer water, the fish begin to feed more. Trout and grayling are fully rested after spawning. So this particular month, you can use all the fishing methods available in fly fishing. One of them is Nymphing i.e. a small lure imitating a small larvae of a water insects. The dry fly is mainly used in the early mornings and evenings, the wet fly during the day. It is important to observe here what is happening on the water surface, which insects fly above it, what colour they are, and what size. Dry fly baits are carried on the water surface, so they should properly float on it. The last method of fly fishing is the Streamer. Imitating small fish or leeches they are perfect for trout, salmon or other predators like chub found in our waters. The summer is the anglers peak time of the year.

Definitely the most popular and the most pleasing to the angler’s eye is fishing with a dry fly. During this season, you can use flies imitating the food of your chosen target fish.


The autumn is rather stunning, due to the fact that one can observe big changes taking place in the water and on the land. Autumn fishing can be divided into early and late stages.

When summer is coming to an end, the rivers bait fish are ferociously targeted by our target predators. The Queen of the Dunjuc is the biggest prize of all. With the right weather conditions, the perfect opportunity for autumn salmon fishing arrives and hence, we can provide fishing trips on request.

Surrounded by golden reds, greens and browns from the surrounding foliage on the mountain trees. Thousands of shades making it one of the most beautiful and mystical sights you’ll ever see.

This makes fly fishing very popular in this time of the year. Especially when the warm autumn mornings favour the correct fish activity. So it is fully understandable that anglers swarm to the rivers, lakes or streams in this season in large numbers. Autumn is particularly superb for grayling fishing. However, it is worth remembering to properly prepare for autumn fishing, different leaders are need to be used. Either much lighter of stronger depending on the target fish you are going after.


The winter may not seem to be the time of year that is associated with fishing. However, it turns out that many anglers have a different opinion. There is no wonder, because during this season you can catch really interesting specimens. In winter there are enough fly fishing enthusiasts trying to catch the Queen of the Dunajcem that is the river Salmon.

Fish are known to be cold-blooded and need well oxygenated water. So when the temperature of the water is colder, the better the oxygenation of water hence they are constantly hunting for their prey. In the winter, it is best to use imitation caddis and jacicas of natural colours, reminiscent of various stages of their development. In addition, the range of these lures includes various streamers, i.e. fish and leech imitations. These coloured flies are the favourite baits for trout fishing.

In winter, you can catch chub and salmon. It should however be remembered that some fish cannot be caught in the winter time check with us! January is the month in which the protection periods of several toothed fish begins.