Freshwater fish that lives in rivers, less frequently in lakes. During the summer, it can be found in shallow areas with rocky bottoms. In winter it moves into deeper water. In Poland, it grows to a maximum of 55-60 cm. However, most fish caught tend to be 30 – 40 cm in length.

The main methods used are dry fly and long nymphing. Grayling is a very wary customer, it often swims closely to the fly looks at it, then returns straight back to the bottom, ignoring it completely.

Grayling which may grow up to 60 cm in length. Most often caught specimens, are 30-50 cm in length. This fish is very cautious, the main method to fish for them is obviously the dry fly. Tiny flies of size 16 – 22 are the graylings’s preferred menu. Rods mostly used are # 3 – # 4 weight and leader tippets often 0.08 – 0.10 mm are essential.

Present the fly from a distance, so as to not frighten the fish, but even then the grayling might swim to the fly, look at it carefully and return back to the bottom without attacking. This phenomenon, makes many an angler see it as a special fish to catch.

Another very effective method of catching grayling is to use long-nymphing. This also needs thin leaders 0.10 – 0.12 mm and small graylings flies with tungsten heads. The fly must, get to the bottom of the river bed, where the fish are,as soon as possible and with this method we recommend using two nymphs at a time.