Niedzica is a summer resort in Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It is picturesquely located at the foot of the Pieniny Spiskie mountain range, near Czorsztyn, about 30 km east of Nowy Targ, over the tremendous man-made water reservoir called Zalew Czorsztyński, built on the Dunajec River. A stunning, 14th- century Dunajec castle is Niedzica’s main feature, attracting tourists every year. It is beautifully situated by Lakes Czorsztyn and Sromowieckie, and open to the public throughout the year. The Pieniny mountain range on the horizon and the ruins of the Czorsztyn castle rising on the other side of the lake are additional attractions. From there, it is also close to Sromowce, where the unique Dunajec rafting adventure starts.