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Piece of fly fishing Art

Fly Fishing in Poland is not only fly fishing trips, it’s passion, way of life and art!

Just have a look at this incredible sculpture made by artist Marcel Koźlik. Master Sculptor & Artist.

Sclulpture shows one of the biggest trouts we cought here in Poland.

Beautifull wild Brown Trout from Bialy Dunajec River which starts in Zakopane, Tatry Mountain region.

The fish was cought in higher, after rain water using czech nymphing setup.

At the end of the line there were two heawy nymphs. One pheasant tail nymph, and the second created in Poland Vladi Worm. It was that nymph which cought the fish of the day. The fish which our friend Marcel carved couple years later for Fly Fishing in Poland Lodge.

Numbers of details in this art work is just amazing!

Realistic stones, beautiful leaves, underwater roots…and also small sculipn hiding between the rocks makes surrounding so incredible.