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Nymphs for trout

Our small family company produces thousands of flies each year which catches fish all around the Europe.

Besides dry fly fishing , streamer and wet fly fishing very popular method is nymph fishing.

That’s why we have large number of nymphs in different styles and sizes. For our guests we prepare the best flies which are the best for that time of year. Our ‘Starter Box’ during the fly fishing trip is 30 flies/person.

Our nymphs for trouts were tested for many years during thousands of fishing trips we made in Poland and Slovakia.

Besides classic models as:

Pheasant tail nymph

Hare’s Ear Nymph

Killer bug

and many many more, we produce our own patterns which are working very good. Last years we are also using more and more perdigon flies.

We also tested our flies in the rivers of Slovenia where we were fly fishing:

Trebuščica river

Soca River

Idrijca river

Tolminka river

Bača river

Also Bosnia Rivers like Una River, River Krusnica, and Montenegro rivers – Tara River and Lim River.

We also make flies for order and cooperate with many fly fishing shops which sell flies.

Fly fishing in Europe is getting more and more popular, and we are very happy that we are part of it.