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NO KILL fishing zone – Dunajec River

Last days have brought great results while fishing in Dunajec River. Brown trouts attacked our artificial flies with incredible frequency (both nymphs and streamers). Of course, the best effects we had in the mornin. In the afternoon the trouts were rising beautifully from the bottom. (March Brown has already appeared). The conditions for fishing at OS Dunajec Górny (fly fishing zone in Poland) and OS Dunajec Dolny (fly fishing and spinning fishing zone) are perfect at the moment. Low, clean water and low flow facilitate movement in the river. Thanks to this, areas, which are usually inaccessible, today are easy to reach. It is the perfect time to get to know the river. As you can see in the pictures everything around comes to life, trees are getting nice and green. We encourage you to visit the Dunajec River and our fly fishing lodge, where you can buy licenses and flies for OS Dunajec. Unfortunately, accommodation for anglers is still unavailable until further notice, which we will certainly inform. Our fly fishing guides are constantly testing new flies to choose the most effective flies, so that you can use them too on your fly fishing trip to Poland . We are pleased to inform that Agnieszka from Trout & Grayling Fly Fishing Adventure joined our team. Her flies are doing a great job, as you can see from the photos of the specimens she catches! The precision with which Aga makes her artificial flies for trout causes that sometimes the fly should be framed and hung on the wall, instead of being tied at the end of the leader 😉

We invite you to the photo report from last days fishing in the Dunajec River.

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Wojciech Kudłacz – Fly Fishing in Poland