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East Europe Fly Fishing … Dunajec River.

Last Sunday together with my friend and my wife we went fishing together. We hoped for Hucho-hucho because got just about 2 more weeks to do it.

From 1st March to the end of May Hucho-hucho is spawning, and we’re not allowed to fish it… anyway, Sunday was not the day for this beautiful fish.

Winter fly fishing for Hucho-hucho

After a few hours of casting big streamers my wife changed the technique for little streamers, and she cought 3 big rainbow trouts.

Two streamers were effective that day:

  • black leech fly with orange head (hook size #6, streamer lenght 7 cm)
  • light olive marabou streamer (hook size #8, streamer lenght about 5cm)

Me and my friend were fishing all day long with 15cm long streamers but without result. I had attack of one big brown trout, but he missed the fly… it happens.

What can I say … Fly fishing in Europe is hard at this time of the year, but if we don’t try we won’t catch the fish 😉 Views and company were so nice that we don’t regret any minute.

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I wish you all the best!