Professional guided holiday trips

Are you a fishing lover and would you like to experience a wonderful 5 days of fishing? In southern Poland, there is an ideal place to implement this hobby. Try it and you won’t regret it!

Hassle-free and organized river cruises were designed by Fly Fishing in Poland. What should you do to join such a trip? All you have to do is arrive at Krakow Airport (KRK). Yes, that’s all! You don’t have to worry about anything and you can focus on fishing because Fly Fishing In Poland will take care of everything after picking you up from the airport.

And what an offer include?

Regular package includes 5 days excluding travel. What’s more, there are organized 3-day trips at the request of anglers. They can set off on a long weekend in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in search of brown trout.

The offer includes:

– 6 days of full accommodation,
– 5 days of guiding,
– licenses for 5 days of fishing.

Furthermore, picking up and dropping off from the airport, transporting to and from fishing areas and setting of proven flies is provided. 

Price per person (minimum of 3 anglers) is just 999 euro for 5 days of fishing.

There will be no problem if you would like to extend the duration of your trip. Remember to inform Fly fishing in Poland.

The main river on which you can fish is the 11 kilometer stretch of the Dunajec. However, there are four rivers where fishing is allowed. Where it is best to fish depends on the weather and water conditions.

When you go on that amazing trip once, you will definitely want to try a two-week package just like other participants.